On skies, lampposts, and my submission to my lens.

Ever since I started carrying a camera with me, there were two subjects that captivated me. One I could explain, while the other one leaves me baffled every time. Since I simply can’t just pick one for this challenge, I chose to list them both below:

The Sky. 
I always look for interesting colours, cloud formations, birds, etc. when I am out and about with my camera. I think it all started when I was living in the UK and, being in the car with my roommate/friend, and driving to her parents we were suddenly surrounded by the most amazing shades of red and orange in the sky. It was quite epic and we stopped at the Angel of the North statue to take a couple of pictures. It became a very dear moment for both, perhaps the most vivid and almost tangible memory I have of Newcastle and her. Since then I keep an eye open, especially at sunsets, in case I can get a nice shot. It’s nothing I plan, but I always try to look up from time to time and hope for a nice surprise.


I met people that said they were fascinated by tree bark, garbage, or dirt when they stated taking pictures. My thing, which I can’t explain, are lampposts. There is something that attracts me to it , something that wants to be captured by my camera. It’s almost instinctive how my camera points from time to time at the lampposts I find around me and I, a mere slave of the lens, obey.




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