Walls in all their…beauty?

While it’s true that in my studies I am quite fond of material culture and therefore prone to look at objects with extra attention and see things that might pass by unnoticed under normal circumstances, recently I’ve found a new fascination with…walls.

Walls are build to separate, shelter, exhibit art, and so much more. Walls are build for our houses where we live our lives, and in our minds where we live our fantasies. Walls are rich in symbolism and all around us (you are probably reading this from within four walls).

We use walls to exhibit art in museums but what happens if someone finds art in the wall itself? I am especially interested in how decay transforms objects and walls have caught my recent attention.

The first one is from Wanås culture park, on which I blogged about before but found a hard time including this particular photo (although it was my favourite one when I visited the park).

The amber coloured ones I took last weekeend when we looked for a place to have lunch with my family and decided to go to Christinehof Castle ( also a wonderful eco park). The castle’s walls are amazing for my newly found passion, as they have been coloured by applying rust in several layers ( I wish I could explain this better). After I looked at the pictures it almost seemed like they were paintings, some of them including distinguishable forms and silhouettes(at least in my mind) . I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.




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