Urban vs. Rural

Some people are crazy about the city while others say the countryside is the best. I was born and raised in the city, so I am definitely a city girl, but I remember I loved visiting little picturesque villages in the rural parts of the country. There is charm in both and it’s funny how different people see this. While some people dream of moving to the city to start a more metropolitan life, others who already live there see it as dirty and noisy. Similarly, the city people dream of living in a quiet place enjoying the nature and its fresh air, while the people living there hate the cold in the winter and the lack of entertaining activities. I lived in the city all my life so I don’t know how it is to live in the countryside (although I would like to try it for a couple of months). I love the city with its good and its bad. My favorite city will always be Newcastle, UK, where I’ve spend my best 4 months ever. Second comes Copenhagen which is about 1h from where I live now. I like the energy in the city, the way a city has its own rich history at every corner and develops a certain personality of its own. Here are some pictures from both urban and rural places. Which one are you fonder of? The city or the countryside?


4 thoughts on “Urban vs. Rural

  1. It’s a tricky one I feel totally drawn to the City, I live in Gateshead which isn’t far from Newcastle and Low Fell has a bit of a village feel about it. I like the choice and culture in the city and the sense of community in a more rural place. Gateshead offers both on my door step so for now I am pretty happy. Although I do have dream of living like Stanley Kubrick and John Peel one day!!


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