Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird


I have never been an early bird. I snooze and I lose.

I would love to be one of the people who wake up early, jump from their beads and start a brand new day with tons of energy and enthusiasm (at least that’s my image of the people who wake up early). I can’t do that unfortunately. I wake up and I start my laptop in bed or ponder a little about the meaning of life and so on.

There was, however, a time when I had to get up very early because I had classes that started in the morning and I hate being late for anything. So, knowing myself and my bad habit of snoozing, I would set my alarm clock extra early so I can take my half an hour of not doing anything. My bedroom was on the second floor and my bed was right next to a window that opened to the small backyard of the house. It was nothing fancy, but from my bed I could only see the tops of the tall trees beyond our house. They, most of the time, offered me the best clues about how my day would be, swimming menacingly if there was a storm or heavy wind, or providing a steady branch for all the birds in the neighborhood that wanted to play a tune.

I remember that morning well because when I woke up I had to get out of my bed as soon as possible if only to grab my camera and take some sleepy and mostly unfocused shots. This is the only one I was pleased with after. It was dreamy, it was magic and I wondered then, as I do now, how many other wonderful such sights have I missed because of my inability of being an early bird.


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