Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat


It’s been a while since I blogged and it’s been a while since I took part in a WordPress challenge. And it’s definitely been a while since I took these pictures. And yet here I am on a brand new blog, being reminded that once upon a time I was afloat . I was studying English and was on my way to UK (from Sweden) for an Erasmus exchange semester. I didn’t know what adventures awaited for me and I was worried that I wouldn’t like the place, or my new teachers, or my house mate, or anyone for the matter. I was worried I had done a mistake and I should have just stayed home in my comfort zone. The flight was a smooth one and I was seated next to a girl that was also going for an exchange semester weirdly enough. I remember we were both horribly cold because for an unknown reason there was cold air coming in from somewhere around our feet and we ended up wrapping our legs in our jackets. Through all the fear of the unknown and the bitter cold I looked through the window and saw the most breathtaking view I have yet to see to the present. And this takes us to the pictures at hand.

The clouds, the light, the movement of the plane, even the cold made it all magical. For a moment I forgot all my fears and uncertainties and just gazed and gazed until the plane started to descend. For a moment…I was afloat with not one thought in mind good or bad. Just happy and relaxed. My mind drifted only towards the clouds and there was no where I would have wanted to be than there in that moment. Oh, and I had a great exchange semester.




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